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Having been in the business for almost two decades, it comes as no surprise that HomeCareontheWeb are the number 1 property management company in Los Arqueros. With plenty of experience and a vast amount of knowledge, we surpass satisfaction and strive for excellence in everything we do.

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We offer a full range of services to keep your property in prime condition all year round. We have the time, the experience and the resources to ensure all of tis is carried out efficiently.

We endeavour to create a service that meets not only our owners needs but also those of our holiday makers. An all round service providing quality rental accommodation as well as knowledge for our owners that their properties will be cared for.

Our owners no longer need to worry about who is doing the cleaning, who has the keys, when the next coat of paint is due, what to do if the electricity faults or a pipe burst; they can feel rest-assured that their property is in safe hands, with all the above being managed with our rental property services.

Here at HomeCareontheWeb we are proud of what our company represents. Our quality customer care and the outstanding service we offer speaks for itself:

"I want to say a big, big, thank you to you and your maintenance team for repairing and cleaning my property after the extensive water damage I reported in July. The house was in a very bad state after the upstairs boiler burst and I was expecting to cancel my 3 weeks August family vacation as a result of this damage. Your team has done an incredible job in a very short period of time during your busiest time of the year. The house was in a perfect condition and your housekeeping team must have worked hard to get the property so clean after all this damage and repair work.I am am very grateful to everyone at HomeCareOnTheWeb for your help." - Mark Slater

Rental Property Services in Los Arqueros FAQ

Q. What happens if there is a troublesome guest in the property and HomeCareontheWeb get a complaint, does HomeCareontheWeb go and sort it out?

A. Our rental property services include managing the guests in your property. In the very rare event of us being informed about a troublesome guest or a guest making excess noise, we will send staff to discuss with the guests and sort it with our owners. And in the extremely rare event the occurrence continues or escalates we would go to the police.

Q. If I rent out my property, will I have to pay the electricity/gas/water bills?

A. As an owner it is your responsibility to continue paying your bills as if you were still living in your home, however when guests rent out your property they pay their contribution for the time they are staying in your home in Los Arqueros.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. Your rental income is credited to your account and is paid normally at the end of the month straight into your bank account.

Q. Will I be updated with every new guest?

A. Our rental property services include your own personal secure login to actually view all the information about your property, along with any past and upcoming bookings and any inspections. As soon as HomeCareontheWeb get a booking, you are also notified instantly.

Q. Can I refuse a booking?

A. During our many years of experience, we do our very best to understand the type of tenants that are booking your property and if we are unsure of a particular holiday guest we would contact you and discuss with you our concerns, giving you the opportunity to decide where to take that booking or not.

Q. What happens if my property is damaged?

A. We strongly recommend to all our owners that they have liability and contents insurance in the unlikely event of any severe damage, however we also take a security deposit from guests checking in to your property in Los Arqueros, thus if any property is maliciously damaged this would come out of the security deposit.

Q. Can I cancel a booking?

A. It is very rare an owner would wish to cancel a booking, and most of the time we recommend for owners to honour the bookings that are in place, however if a booking should need to be cancelled, we would go through the necessary motions to make this doable, although there may be a cost to the owner.

Q. Does HomeCareontheWeb meet guests at the property and show them around?

A. We have found in the past that meeting the guests can be extremely expensive for the owner as the guests can be many hours late. However our rental property services will do it if the owner requests for us to, but there is a nominal charge. Normally guests they come to the office or selected areas off the coast where there are key safes. Our owners with big villas are suggested to install key safes. During all this process our staff are in constant contact with the guests, making sure they know where to go and where to get their keys from.

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