Long Term Rental Services in Los Arqueros

HomeCareontheWeb make long term letting of your property in Los Arqueros easy and hassle free.
HomeCareontheWeb offers peace of mind when choosing to let your property in Los Arqueros long term
HomeCareontheWeb makes it simple for your is you wish to swap from Holiday rentals to long term rentals
HomeCareontheWeb handle all the vetting procedures to ensure tenants are suitable for your property in Los Arqueros.

Having been established for nearly 20 years, HomeCareOnTheWeb have been looking after hundreds of homes all over the Costa del Sol. Most of which are not only being managed by us but also are being rented out for us, whether its holiday rentals or long term rental services.

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Many of our owners return year after year to have their property managed and rented out. Those with our long term rental service have peace of mind that they are gaining a constant income whilst their property is being rented out, as well as being maintained by our team.

Los Arqueros is a hotspot for many tourists to move to, whether it is permanently or for a few years. Our owners who use our long term rental services benefit from providing accommodation in demand in Los Arqueros for those wanting to try the area before buying.

At HomeCareontheWeb we pride ourselves in maintaining a relationship with not only our owners, but also the long term tenants, checking in on them and making sure they are happy. This relationship is important for many reasons, from ensuring that tenants pay their rent and managing any issues they may have, and in return being able to provide our owners with valuable feedback about the status of their property.

Our biggest priority throughout any long term rental is communication. With our multi-lingual and experienced staff we are always readily available to deal with any requests from our owners as well as their tenants, ensuring all parties are happy with the arrangement.

“We’ve been with Homecare for 14 years since we bought the apartment until we recently sold. The apartment has only been long term let and Homecare have been reliable, trustworthy and flexible, willing to do whatever necessary which is what you need when you do not live in Spain. They have always found tenants in a reasonable time and the apartment hasn’t been empty for too long. Sure there have been glitches but by and large they have sorted things out satisfactorily. Personally, I doubt you would find any of the many other management agencies could do better or cheaper.” - Alex Wood

Long Term Rental Services in Los Arqueros FAQ

Q. Why choose Long-term rental services over Holiday rentals?

A. By choosing long-term rental services you are more likely to receive a constant income, with tenants generally staying anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. Plus with our management packages you have more flexibility and can choose from our all-inclusive rentals management package to a our simple Landlord basic package which covers key holding and having your property up on our website.

Q. What if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent?

A. As standard for our long term rental services we have Legal Fees Protection Insurance, which works alongside Arrenta who provide arbitration should a tenant not pay their rent.

Q. What if the tenant damages my home in Los Arqueros?

A. Our maintenance team for our long term rental services are always available to solve any problems that may occur at your home in Los Arqueros. If the damage is due to the tenants fault, they are liable, however if it is due to wear and tear it is the liability of the owner.

Q. Why should I choose to use HomeCareontheWeb for long-term rental services rather than doing it myself?

A. HomeCareOnTheWeb has all the procedures in place to make renting long-term stress free for our owners. We organise the keys and any maintenance that needs doing. We check the tenants references and collect the rent on your behalf. We also provide inventories and cleaning before and after a tenants departure. For peace of mind we also have the necessary insurance should anything go wrong during your homes long-term rental in Los Arqueros.

Q. Can I swap from Long-term rental services to Holiday rentals?

A. Certainly, once any contracts that are valid have expired between the tenant and the property then if you wish to change to holiday rentals we can arrange that.

Q. Are there any vetting procedures for long-term rental guests?

A. Similar to any rental you may have experienced, as part of our Long-term rental services we check all references the guests have, as well as preparing legal contracts.

Q. Can I specify non smokers and pets?

A. Of course! For any long-term rental, if an owner does not wish to have smokers or pets in their property in Los Arqueros they can specify that in the rental agreement, which our All-inclusive rentals management package can draw up.

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