Key Holding Services in San Pedro de Alcántara

HomeCareontheWeb’s advanced online database allows are team to know where your keys to your property in San Pedro de Alcántara are at all times
Any keys that are taken out of the office are checked in and out by HomeCareontheWeb’s staff
All keys to your property in San Pedro de Alcántara are stored in our secure safe and barcoded for easy tracking
HomeCareontheWeb make 3 copies of the master key so that the master key for your property in San Pedro de Alcántara never has to be used unless absolutely necessary.

Having been established for nearly 20 years, HomeCareontheWeb have the experience and expertise to manage your property and keep it in tip top condition, allowing you to relax and enjoy the exciting famous town of San Pedro de Alcántara.

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There are many integral parts to our property management services, from cleaning and maintenance, to inspections and key holding services. Every part is vital to the upkeep and security of your property in San Pedro de Alcántara.

We understand that our owners are putting their trust in us, to not only keep their property maintained at a high standard but also to keep their property safe. For this reason we take our key holding services very seriously, keeping you keys locked in a secure area with each key barcoded for easy tracking.

At HomeCareontheWeb we obtain not only a very hands-on personal approach to caring for your property, but we also provide our owners with their own personal security log in to their owners area, showing them all matters relating to the property, such as reports, financial information, rental information, real time calendar and much more.

With our ever growing company, we ensure that our owners are always in the know, allowing them to still maintain full control of their property and the decisions that come with it.

"Since we bought our apartment in Spain, we have come to rely on the services of HomeCareontheWeb as we wanted the worry of owning a property over 2000 kilometres from home taken off our shoulders. We can only sing the praises of this company since not only do they meet our requests with an immediate response, they are also greeted in a friendly and helpful manner. Nothing is too much trouble, from organising and overseeing workmen carry out their jobs to a high standard to answering any queries one has concerning finding where to obtain things for the home. Everything is carried out with such attention to detail that we have found the company a Godsend during what could have been a very disconcerting time, since both of us only have a smattering of Spanish between us. We recommend HomeCareontheWeb to anyone finding themselves in the same position." - M. and C. Turner

Key Holding Services in San Pedro de Alcántara FAQ

Q. Where are my keys stored and are they safe?

A. At HomeCareontheWeb we take our key storing very seriously and keep them safe locked away in a secure area with each key barcoded for easy tracking.

Q. Who has access to my keys?

A. Apart from yourself and guests who check in to the property, we ask that you make HomeCareontheWeb the sole key holder for your property. This means that the people who can access your keys from our team are our maintenance and cleaners, as well as our office staff should they need to do an inventory check or a property inspection.

Q. What if I want to let someone independent into my property?

A. If ever you want to arrange for someone independent to come into your property please inform us by e-mail, giving the details of the person who will be coming to collect them, how long they require them for and what they require them for, and then we will ask for a form of I.D. when that person comes to collect them.

Q. What happens if guests forget to give the keys back?

A. Sometimes guests get carried away with going back home and forget to drop off the keys. When this happens we contact the guests and get them to post back the keys to us. Should keys not be returned or lost we would replace them from the renters deposit. Also note that when keys are lost they do not have the property address on them as they are barcoded.

Q. How many key copies do you make?

A. We make 3 key copies from the master key, this ensures that we never have to use the master key unless deemed necessary.

Q. Can I hold onto a copy myself?

A. Yes you can hold onto a copy yourself, however we recommend that all keys are left with HomeCareontheWeb so as to not lead to any confusion. You can send your keys to us by post or we can arrange to collect them locally.

Q. What happens if a key is lost?

A. If a key is lost it cannot be identified with a particular property because it only has a reference number and bar code on it.

Q. What information is kept on the key ring?

A. On the key rings we only use the property reference number, so no address or name is used.

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