Housekeeping Services in Fuengirola

HomeCareontheWeb will clean your property in Fuengirola to the highest standards
HomeCareontheWeb frequently cleans your property dependant on your package and the volume of guests staying at your property on Fuengirola
Should you return to your property in Fuengirola, HomeCareontheWeb will ensure your property is cleaned.
HomeCareontheWeb offer fair and competitive cleaning prices for your property in Fuengirola

HomeCareontheWeb have been established for nearly 20 years, with our diverse and experienced team we provide outstanding care for your property, ensuring our owners have peace of mind.

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Our housekeeping services include an array of benefits, not only are our cleaners highly professional, they provide thorough and efficient cleans. These services ensure that our owners can know that their property is being kept maintained to a high standard.

Our secure online system for our owners allows you to monitor all activity with regards to your property in Fuengirola. Here we detail all cleans, along with the type of cleans (for example, end of tenancy, or mid stay clean, etc), and also allow for owners to request cleans.

Having provided housekeeping services since day one at HomeCareontheWeb, with a team who carry out over 4000 cleans a year, we understand the level of cleanliness not only our owners expect but also that of the holiday guests who stay with us. Therefore not only do we clean your property proficiently, we also ensure that the property is aired and all the curtains, upholstery and rugs are cleaned and refurbished.

“I just wanted to reiterate how pleased we have been with the standard of cleanliness in our holiday home. Every time we’ve visited since your housekeeping team took on the apartment, it’s been immaculate. I’m sure the guests must be very happy when they arrive! Please pass on our appreciation and thanks to your team” - Deborah Newton

Housekeeping Services in Fuengirola FAQ

Q. As part of your housekeeping services, will my property in Fuengirola be cleaned for my return?

A. Yes absolutely. This is a big part of our housekeeping services, all properties are cleaned for our owners return, unless they request otherwise.

Q. Do your housekeepers solely work for HomeCareontheWeb?

A. Our core housekeeping team are employed by HomeCareontheWeb on contract. During the peak season we subcontract to a company who are trained by HomeCareontheWeb and follow our cleaning procedures.

Q. How in depth is my property in Fuengirola cleaned?

A. Our housekeeping services not only include automatic cleaning and laundry services for holiday visits and owner returns, but also spring cleaning for linens, fabrics and furnishings, as well as cleaning and refurbishments of curtains, rugs and upholstery.

Q. How often is my property in Fuengirola cleaned?

A. This is entirely dependent on the housekeeping services you request. All properties will be automatically cleaned for holiday guests as well as for owners returning to their property in Fuengirola, however the amount of cleans that occur during and after this time is at the request of the owner.

Q. If I have holiday guests staying for a long period, will my property be cleaned frequently whilst they are there?

A. Holiday guests can request for daily or weekly cleaning if they desire, this will be charged to the guest.

Q. If I have personal guests staying, will the property still be cleaned during their stay?

A. Much the same as when holiday guests are in the property, this is entirely the decision of the personal guests staying in the property as to how often they request the property to be cleaned.

Q. Can we as owners use our own cleaners and linen for our property in Fuengirola?

A. Yes, owners are entitled to use their own cleaners and linen, as long as we have all their contact details so we can make sure they are aware of what cleans are necessary.

Q. Can HomeCareontheWeb drop the cleaning costs?

A. HomeCareontheWeb is a fully legal company on the coast and therefore all our employees are on a contract, which is a safeguard for owners if there are any issues. Hence we believe our cleaning prices are fair at time of writing.

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