Holiday Property Management in Los Arqueros

Keeping your property in Los Arqueros safe is one of HomeCareontheWeb’s top priorities
HomeCareontheWeb offer regular checks on your property in Los Arqueros
As part of HomeCareontheWeb’s package, regular inventory checks are carried out at your property in Los Arqueros
HomeCareontheWeb are here to help you with any queries you may have so you can relax whilst your property in Los Arqueros is taken care of

Being the number 1 property management company in Los Arqueros, HCOTW maintain and rent out hundreds of properties across the south of Spain and have been doing so for decades.

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HCOTW not only carry out the maintenance of our property, we also find it essential to maintain strong and positive relationships with our ever-growing client base. We pride ourselves out our quality customer care with many of our owners returning each year.

Our holiday property management team have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of owning and renting out your property in Los Arqueros. Our aim is to give you and your guests peace of mind during both the maintenance of your property and the guests staying in your property.

Using a professional and proven rental and property management company such as HCOTW not only provides you with the necessary marketing resources needed to promote your property, but we can also offer our excellent management services to oversee the upkeep of your property.

“During our recent stay we mentioned how very pleased we are with HomeCare's performance in managing our property. All of your efforts give us a real comfort that our interests are always protected. HomeCare is very responsive to our needs and it brings us relief being so many miles away in the United States knowing that someone will always be looking out for us. Foreign property ownership has many concerns but knowing a facility like HomeCare is on the job really takes a great deal of worry out of the equation. With our thanks to the entire HomeCare staff; you have made our holiday home a true paradise.” - John and Eileen, USA

Holiday Property Management in Los Arqueros FAQ

Q. Are there guidelines and procedures to keep my property in Los Arqueros safe?

A. At HomeCareontheWeb we take property management seriously, with our extensive knowledge and experience we have over the years developed full procedures and practices to ensure your property is taken care of professionally and safely.

Q. When my property in Los Arqueros is not being rented how often is it checked?

A. Our holiday property management includes various different management agreements with our clients. Some request for their property in Los Arqueros to be checked every week, others once a month, and some once a quarter.

Q. What happens if my property in Los Arqueros is damaged by the guest?

A. As part of holiday property management, we recommend that every property has standard liability and contents insurance, however in most cases we will take a security deposit from guests, so should any damages occur then that would be taken off the security deposit. If it was a significant amount more then we would contact the owners insurance provider, or we would try to get more from the client if it was malicious intent. However, most of the time damage is caused by accident, if at all, but either way we always try our best to protect your property by taking the security deposit.

Q. What happens if a guest is injured in the property?

A. Not only do we recommend for our owners to take out insurance, we also have full liability insurance. To help prevent accidental damage or accidents, when owners sign up with us, we do a full survey of your property and report anything back to you that we think is dangerous.

Q. How often is my holiday home in Los Arqueros inspected and the inventory checked?

A. Dependant on the selected property management services agreement we send a trained inspector to your home at least once a month if not twice a month. During this inspection we check both the exterior and interior of your Los Arqueros property for any wear and tear, as well as airing the rooms, making sure all the electrical appliances are functioning, the plumbing and sanitary facilities are in good working order and the furniture, fixtures and fittings are as they should be. We also check that enough cutlery, crockery, and glasses are provided for the number of guests that stay, and if any are missing or broken.

Q. How do I know legally what is required to rent out my property in Los Arqueros?

A. The benefits of using our holiday property management company is that we make sure that you have everything in place to legally rent out your property in Los Arqueros. We ensure that it conforms to the Spanish law for holiday rentals and will then apply for your certificate from the local authority.

Q. Is there someone I can talk to about the tax I will need to pay from renting my property out?

A. Our friendly HomeCareontheWeb team will assist and advise you regarding taxes payable on your Los Arqueros property.

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